About Matt Ellerbrock

I believe that the next house you purchase is your dream house. Whether it is your first house or you are making a house change. Let us help you achieve your DREAM. I am blessed to have a beautiful wife, for over 20 years, and 3 wonderful sons. Together we have had many ups and downs, however we have always had each others love and a place to call home. For over 25 years I have been responsible for customer service and satisfaction. For the past 6 years at a local car dealer as Service Manager and Customer experience manager. Before that I worked at Skipper Bud's as Corporate Director of customer service and satisfaction.

Delivering your Dream by:

  • Listening with and open mind to all of your needs and wants in your house. Whether buying or selling
  • Walking through every door with you until we have achieved your dream
  • Representing you and myself in the highest level of professionalism.
  • Communicating with you at every step of our relationship


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